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Welcome to SEPA UNISON Branch website

Contacts for members:

We can also put you in contact with your local steward through these contacts

Zia Hussain   01698 839198

Liz Dundas   01738 448804 

Jim Dillon    07917 428469

[email protected]

Members contact details for SEPA UNISON

It would be very helpful for Branch communications if members would provide a personal e-mail address on their UNISON details. These can be accessed on the UNISON website under My UNISON

If you haven't registered before, you will need your membership number. If you don't know it, e-mail [email protected] or alternatively, you can e-mail us the e-mail address and we can change it for you. 

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter can also be read as Black Lives Matter Too not Only Black Lives Matter. The movement works towards equality which can only be achieved when the group that suffers the most inequality is the focus of systemic change. 

PPE Not Promises - Save Lives

UNISON is working constantly to push for staff to get the vital equipment they need.

• Check out the campaign timeline to see some of UNISON's interventions to date;

• Find out what PPE your employer should be providing;

• Use our PPE Alert to tell us what's happening in your workplace.

E-briefs - source of info re SEPA UNISON branch activities and information

SEPA UNISON Welfare E-brief April 2020

SEPA UNISON News E-brief April 2020

Hydrology Review - contact Liz Dundas or Louise Giblin

Water & Land Unit Review - contact Zia Hussain

Health & Safety concerns including DSE issues - contact James Dillon or William Wilson

AGM 26th & 27th February 2020

PAY INFO - April 2018