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Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT)

UNISON members who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organise locally, regionally and nationally to support each other, to identify discrimination, to increase awareness of LGBT rights and to campaign for change.


SEPA UNISON’s LGBT Self Organised Group (SOG) has been running since May 2016. It is an award-winning group, after receiving UNISON's Branch LGBT Recruitment & Organising Award at the National LGBT Conference in November 2016.

If you are a member who self- identifies as L, G, B or T and you wish to join this group, please see SEPA UNISON’s LGBT Officer Fiona Gentle for more details. Confidentiality is top priority so being out in the workplace is not an issue!

We also have a general enquiries mailbox [email protected]. This can be used for members who have any general enquiries relating to LGBT issues and SEPA UNISON involvement. This should not be used for any confidential issues, if you have such an issue please speak to Fiona Gentle directly.

Campaigning for change

SEPA UNISON SOG has pledged its support for a National UNISON LGBT campaign at Conference in November 2016. This was for Time for Inclusive Education (TIE).

TIE is committed to improving access to LGBT inclusive education in all Scottish schools. Inclusive education can help tackle homo/bi/transphobia, create a safer learning environment for all pupils (regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity), and can also help eliminate the fact that 25% of LGBT school students attempt suicide at least once.

The SEPA UNISON Branch Committee has given support to this campaign and gifted a charitable donation, enough to train 3 teachers in inclusive education. SEPA staff have also been asked to #signthepledge in support of inclusive education. More details of the campaign can be found on TIE's website.

Increase awareness of LGBT rights

SEPA UNISON SOG are currently working with SEPA in terms of inclusive language in current procedures and policies and developing new procedures and policies in support of LGBT members where we have identified gaps.

Identifying discrimination

SEPA UNISON SOG have engaged SEPA for a joint staff survey specifically around LGBT issues.

Further UNISON information resources, which you can get involved in without being out in work, are:

- UNISON | LGBT (or alternatively, you can ring UNISONdirect- 0800 0 857 857 (voice) or 0800 096 7968 (minicom) or write to Carola Towle, National officer-LGBT Equality, UNISON centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY)- Including signing up to the confidential National LGBT mailing list & the monthly National LGBT e-bulletin.

- UNISON Scotland Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Self Organised Group- Including details of Scotland’s regional LGBT group